Piano Lessons in the  Upper West Side

Take lessons in your home in the Upper West Side or in our studio

Upper West Side Piano Lessons: In Your Home or Our Studio

NY Piano School helps kids, teens and adults learn the piano in their homes in the Upper West Side and in our studio by the Lincoln Center. If you have an acoustic or digital instrument at home (it doesn’t need to be a grand piano), we are happy to travel to you and teach you piano lessons. If you would like to visit our studio at 65th and Columbus, you can either walk along Central Park or easily catch the subway. Let us know if you have any questions about availability.

We Teach All Ages and Abilities

The teachers at NY Piano School have experience working with young children through retired adults, and we enjoy the diversity of our studio. Each student has a unique set of goals and abilities, and we work with each pianist to make progress on their own terms. We make lessons fun and engaging for our younger students, and we help adults accomplish their specific goals at the piano, whether that means sight reading, improvising, or composition. Additionally, we enjoy working with beginners and advanced pianists alike – no audition necessary.

Get a Holistic, Well-Rounded Piano Education

We take a traditional approach to piano lessons, and this equips our piano students to pursue classical music, songwriting, jazz, pop, and more. You will learn how to read notes fluently, allowing you to learn challenging music more quickly. You’ll also be able to sight read. We also teach you music theory and ear training, so you’ll be able to improvise and write music. From repertoire selection to at-home practice strategies, we make sure you have everything you need to play the piano at a high level.

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The Quality of Your Piano Teacher Matters

At NY Piano School, we value the importance of an experienced teacher. Anyone can watch YouTube videos or learn notes on the staff from a method book, but you will improve so much more quickly when you spend time each week with an expert who plays at a professional level, can tailor lesson materials specifically for you, and send you home with drills and exercises to practice on your own. You will learn by example as much as from the verbal aspect of lessons.

Our teachers are professional level pianists who have studied music at the collegiate level and beyond. They also have years of experience teaching students of all ages, and they have a vast knowledge of methods, graded piano repertoire, and more. If you have any questions about our piano teachers in the Upper West Side, please get in touch!

Upper West Side Piano Lessons For All Ages and Abilities

Beginner Piano Lessons For Kids and Adults

We enjoy working with beginners at NY Piano School, and we’ll help you build a strong foundation that will serve you well for a lifetime of music-making. We will start with proper technique, including hand position, posture, wrist rotation, finger positioning, and even breathing while you play (this helps decrease tension). We’ll also dig into note reading early in your piano journey, and we’ll help you fluently sight read music with both hands in both the bass and treble clefs. You will learn basic music theory, accidentals and time signatures, and more. Along the way, we are happy to help you learn the music that you want to play.

Intermediate Piano Lessons

We’ve helped many students break through the intermediate plateau in our studio. Whether you want to move on to professional level repertoire, or you feel deficient in any particular skill, we will create a strategy that will take you to the next level. Very often the hardest part of being an “intermediate” pianist is finding music that you can learn within a reasonable amount of time (3 months, for instance), but that still challenges you to develop your technique, finger speed, and reading skills.

Advanced Piano Coaching

If you or your child are preparing for auditions or recitals, we would love to help you prepare. Considering the number of universities and conservatories in Manhattan, we are familiar with this type of coaching. We’ll help you interpret pieces of music, coach you through practice and music memorization strategies, and refine your music so that it will impress even the toughest jury. Furthermore, we can help you pick literature that will showcase your ability and help you win auditions.

Start Taking Piano Lessons in the Upper West Side

We would love to find time for a trial lesson, so feel free to get in touch about piano lessons NYC at your earliest convenience. We can travel to your home or welcome you to our studio, and we would enjoy the opportunity to take your piano playing to the next level.