Piano Lessons in Manhattan For Kids and Adults

Learn with New York’s leading piano teachers at our Manhattan studio or in your home.

All Ages Are Welcome

NY Piano School enjoys helping kids, teens, and adults learn how to play the piano at a high level. Every stage of life places different demands on a piano teacher, and our instructors have the experience, education, and patience to make lessons a success for you or your child. If you aren’t sure if your child is ready for piano lessons in Manhattan, get in touch regarding a one-time trial lesson.

Flexible Teaching Curriculum

We don’t subject our piano students to a rigid program or curriculum, and we are happy to mix and match method books, genres, and repertoire to fit your specific needs. We also enjoy feedback from our students, and we can change our methodology if need be. We have a depth of knowledge in both graded and professional piano literature, and we can find the right mix for you.

Personalized Approach To Piano Lessons

No two piano students are the same. Some of our students love to ask questions and take conversational piano lessons, while others enjoy a rigid structure with clear practice notes each week. We take our students’ personalities, goals, strengths, and deficiencies into account when we teach piano lessons.

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Lessons At Our Manhattan Piano School

NY Piano School has a practical location near the Lincoln Center, and we enjoy working with kids in the after-school crowd, professionals during lunch, adults with free time in the evening, and more. We’re just a short walk from the 66 St-Lincoln Center subway station, the Columbus Av/W 63 St bus stop, and more, and whether you are walking down Broadway from the Upper West Side or traveling west through Central Park, you will find that our location is accessible and practical. Our NYC Piano lessons serve students all over Manhattan and other boroughs.

In-Home Piano Lessons in Manhattan

Life is busy, and you may not have time to travel to our (or any) piano teaching studio. Our teachers are happy to come to your home and hold piano lessons with you or your family. Our teaching staff is courteous, highly experienced teaching in-home lessons, and is willing to travel within a reasonable distance of the studio.

You will need a decent piano or keyboard (preferably a standing 88-key keyboard) if you wish to have piano lessons at home, and if you need help choosing the right instrument, please contact us. We’d be happy to offer a few recommendations based on our experience as pianists.

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What Concepts Will You Learn in Piano Lessons?

Firstly, we ensure that our students have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music and the piano. You will learn to read notes on the bass and treble clefs, and you will be able to identify notes on the keys of the piano. You will also learn what the three pedals on the piano do, when to use them, and when not to use them. We’ll also cover correct playing technique – we want you to play without tension, with proper hand position, good posture, and so forth.

Beyond that, we will cover sharps, flats, key signatures, articulations like slurs and staccato, music theory, and interpretive elements like form, dynamics, and more.

Learn To Compose Music

Our Manhattan-based piano school was founded by professional composer Alexander Barsov, and as such, we can help you learn how to write your own music if you so choose. We can help you gain a deep understanding of music theory, how to write a tune, part writing, voice leading, and even instrumentation after a period of time. If you want to include a focus on composition in your piano lessons, please let us know

Lessons For All Genres on the Piano

We teach piano in a traditional one-on-one setting, and we can pursue classical, pop, or other contemporary genres. Our classical piano lessons involve an emphasis on reading music fluently, sight reading, and playing with good technique for challenging music. If you want to focus on jazz standards or pop music, we can jump right into your favorite tunes and teach you how to identify chords, read charts, and more.

We would love to hear about your goals at the keyboard. If you want to play keyboard in a rock band, let us know and we’ll create a roadmap for you. If you want to start learning how to play jazz, we’re happy to help. Our goal is to help you become a fulfilled musician.

Piano Lessons For Adults and Kids in Manhattan

Piano Lessons For Kids in Manhattan

Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school, or high school, we would be happy to help them learn to play the piano and understand music in general. Even if they don’t choose to pursue music academically or professionally, they will benefit immensely from playing a musical instrument at a high level.

We make our piano lessons for kids fun and engaging, and we will make sure your child is learning new enjoyable music often. That said, we do focus on excellence in all of our piano lessons, and our primary goal is helping your child enjoy music and become a competent instrumentalist.

Piano Lessons For Adults in Manhattan

We teach young professionals, busy parents, retired adults with new-found time on their hands, and everyone in between piano lessons. We can help you learn a set of tunes for the holidays, helping you reach your dream of sight reading, or anything else you choose to pursue. We know your time is valuable, and we’ll teach you exactly how to practice with the limited time at your disposal. You will improve quickly on the piano and enjoy your new lifestyle as a musician.

If you’re ready to work with the finest piano teachers in Manhattan, get in touch! We would love to meet you and start working with you or your family.