Piano Lessons in Queens For Kids and Adults

Learn with the finest piano instructors in Queens, NY

Your Goals Matter To Us

At NY Piano School, our students are not forced into any particular method or outcome. We want to hear about your aspirations for yourself or your children, and we will do everything in our power as educators to help you accomplish your goals. Our deep knowledge of piano pedagogy and curriculum allows us to pursue your specific goals without sacrificing a well-rounded piano education.

Learn “Real” Music Right Away

We’ve spent years studying and practicing the art of piano teaching, and as a result, we understand piano repertoire inside and out. We can help even our youngest students find appropriate graded music to play – you don’t need to be an advanced pianist to practice beautiful, skill-level appropriate repertoire written by real composers.

Quality Lessons For All Ages

Our team has extensive experience with young children, middle schoolers, young adults, retirees, and everyone in between. Each age group requires a different approach, and that’s one of the reasons we love teaching piano lessons in Queens. For kids, we keep things simple, fun, educational, and engaging. For adults, we expect more questions and are happy to partner with you while you learn about music. For more information about our piano lessons, get in touch!

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In-Home Piano Lessons in Queens, NY

It might be challenging for you to commute to a music school in Queens or elsewhere for lessons, and you might not want to take online lessons (after all, don’t we stare at screens enough?). If that sounds like you, get in touch about professional in-home piano lessons. We are happy to work with you in your home, and you will find that lesson quality is just as good in your home as in a studio.

We are happy to travel to Astoria, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Flushing, and more – just let us know where you live and we can make travel arrangements accordingly. We assess travel fees based on your location.

As far as instrument requirements are concerned, we aren’t picky. But we do ask that you have a piano, either digital or acoustic, at home, and we prefer a full 88-key keyboard with pedals. If you are unable to purchase a piano, we’d encourage you to get in touch anyways!

What Do We Teach in Piano Lessons?

Our New York City piano lessons include technique, ear training, theory, interpretation, reading, rhythm and more.

By technique, we are referring to how you use your body to play the piano. Is your hand position safe, painless, and conducive to fast and lyrical playing? Is your posture good, and is your upper body tension-free at the piano? All of these things make your playing more beautiful, allow you to play faster, and prevent injuries.

Ear training could refer to identifying intervals, being able to repeat a tune you’ve heard on the piano, adding an accompaniment to that melody with your left hand (chords, walking bass and more), and improvisational techniques. There’s more to piano than reading music.

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Music theory includes elements like key signatures, identifying chord patterns and how they are used, knowing what the  “root” of a chord is, and much more. We won’t make lessons boring and purely academic with theory, but it is important to internalize over time.

Note reading, of course, is a cornerstone of high level piano playing. We help our students read notes on the staff and play them on the keys, and you will learn how to sight read over time. We can specifically help you prepare for the rigors of collaborative piano playing (accompanying) if you would like.

We will also help you learn how to interpret music in our Queens piano lessons – this simply refers to the art of deciding how to communicate the notes on the page. You will learn how to use legato and detached articulation on the keys, how to decide where to play soft and loud (or how to read the composer’s markings, such as ‘forte’ and ‘pianissimo’), and how to change the music by using the pedals wisely.

What Concepts Will You Learn in Piano Lessons?

Firstly, we ensure that our students have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music and the piano. You will learn to read notes on the bass and treble clefs, and you will be able to identify notes on the keys of the piano. You will also learn what the three pedals on the piano do, when to use them, and when not to use them. We’ll also cover correct playing technique – we want you to play without tension, with proper hand position, good posture, and so forth.

Beyond that, we will cover sharps, flats, key signatures, articulations like slurs and staccato, music theory, and interpretive elements like form, dynamics, and more.

Piano Lessons For All Ages in Queens, NY

Piano Lessons For Kids in Queens

Do you want your child to enjoy music as a part of their life? Piano is one of the best, and most foundational, instruments to learn. They will learn how to read music, playing notes in both hands simultaneously, and learn theory, rhythm, musicality and so many other elements in tandem with one another. If they choose to pursue voice lessons, guitar, trombone, or anything else in the future, those instruments will seem easy with a foundation in piano.

Our lessons include educational music games, activities off the piano bench, and plenty of new music to keep your child interested.

Piano Lessons For Adults in Queens

We love teaching adults how to play the piano, and whether you have years of experience as a hobbyist or amateur, or are just now starting your piano journey, please get in touch! We love working with adults because each student has a different goal. Some want to sight read through Bach preludes and fugues, others have difficult pieces of music they’ve never been able to learn, and some want to play the  keyboard in a friend’s rock band. Whatever your goal may be, please get in touch.