Piano Practice Tips for Adult Students

Learning to play the piano is a wonderful thing to do as an adult, whether you take piano lessons or you learn on your own. Here are a few useful piano practice tips for the adult learners out there!

Practice regularly

This one’s for students of all ages.  It’s better to work on your pieces a bit every day than to practice for a long time once or twice a week.

Structure your piano practice sessions!

If you’re an adult piano student who plays exercises and scales in addition to pieces (repertoire), organize each practice session so that you get maximum benefit out of the session.  Plan ahead how much time you want to spend on scales, exercises, and pieces.  It sounds obvious, but this idea is easily overlooked!

A related tip for piano practice…

Keep a notebook to use as a practice journal

In a notebook you can write your goals for practice for each week, or each month, or any way you like!  You can make notes about each practice session after you’re finished practicing the piano for the day, and then you can write insights about the pieces you’re playing and about how you’re progressing.  Not to mention, questions to ask your piano teacher, if you’re taking lessons with one.