The Advantages of In-home Piano Lessons

There are a few advantages to taking NY piano lessons at home. Rather than going to the music school, have the music school come to you!

A comfortable environment for learning to play the piano

At home, your child is in a familiar, warm, and comfortable environment.

Time to ‘digest’ the lesson

When your child takes piano lessons in Queens at home, he or she doesn’t have to leave after the piano lesson is over so that another student can have a lesson. Instead, he or she can comfortable try out some of the instructor’s suggestions at the keyboard, perhaps with parental oversight.

Saves you time!

This is a big advantage to in-home music lessons, particularly in a hectic borough like Manhattan!

You’re busy with work, taking your kids to school, picking them up from school, taking them to friends’ homes and after school activities. When a piano teacher comes to your home for lessons, you can save some valuable time and energy!

The timesaving effect of having a teacher come to you is, honestly, perhaps the biggest advantage of in-home piano lessons.

At New York Piano School we offer piano lessons for children in NYC and throughout Westchester.  We love teaching beginners as well as students with experience.  Piano lessons for adults (including adult beginners) are available too!

Piano lessons take place in student homes — whether you live in New York City or in Westchester, your piano teacher will come right to you to share their passion for music with you and your children!

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