How to Tell if Your Child is Old Enough for Piano Lessons

Parents often wonder: is my child old enough for piano lessons? Music is a wonderful thing for all children, of course, but not every child is ready to begin lessons at the same age. How to determine if your child is ready for piano lessons? Here are a few things to consider.

Interest level

It is important for a child learning to play the piano to be interested in what he or she is doing. A good piano teacher will make an effort to make your child’s lessons interesting, but it helps things along if your child already has some interest in the piano.

Do you find that your child is naturally attracted to music, perhaps singing familiar songs? If there is already a piano in your home, does your child try to play on it? That’s a good time to consider enrolling your young child in lessons. Gauging the interest of older children may be a bit simpler, of course: just ask!

Attention span

While music lessons should be interesting and engaging, they do require a degree of focus and discipline. In order for your child’s piano lessons to be enjoyable and productive, he or she will need to pay attention to their lesson. Again, making things interesting, and tailoring instruction to your child’s individual temperament and interest is part of the piano teacher’s job, it helps greatly if the student is ready to focus on a specific task for at least a few minutes at a time. (There should be various activities/tasks during very young children’s piano lessons, considering their naturally shorter attention spans. A piano teacher should keep that in mind, and have the very young student change tasks more often than they would with older students.)

A few more thoughts…

To make progress at the piano, the student has to practice during the week. What happens in lessons is important, but what happens between lessons is perhaps just as important!  For very young children, it is helpful if a parent is involved in the practice sessions, helping the child to go over what he or she learned in their previous lessons.

Those are just a few things to consider when thinking about your child’s readiness for piano lessons. Ultimately, it is good for you and your child to meet with a piano teacher to help determine whether or not your child is ready to begin lessons. New York Piano School offers private piano lessons for children in New York City and throughout Westchester County, NY. Whether you are in NYC or in a nearby city, we will be more than happy to meet with you to help you determine whether your child is ready to begin piano lessons.