How to Get Back Into Playing Piano

Did you take piano lessons as a child and love it?  Thinking you might want to get back into playing the piano? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get back to the instrument!

Find a good teacher

Good instruction from a piano teacher can help tons! From inspiring you with a love of music and the piano, to helping you handle technical difficulties, and so much more!

Piano lessons are not the boring, often-caricatured affairs where a student mindlessly repeats some section of music at the behest of an angry and unpleasant teacher! A good piano lesson should be the sort of experience where an hour has passed, yet you feel as though the lesson only just began! By the way, we offer piano lessons for adults in New York City and in Westchester County, NY.

Take it slow

Remember: you are doing this for enjoyment. Don’t pressure yourself to get everything ‘correct’ right away, to not make any mistakes ever, and to learn a lot of pieces in a short period of time. It’s great to practice and see progress at the piano, but remember to enjoy the process!!

Also, sometimes adults get nervous during piano lessons.  Understandable, of course! Remember, you aren’t auditioning for something.  Your piano teacher is there to listen and to help!

Practice regularly

If you want to improve at the piano, it helps to make your practice sessions regular. If you’re playing exercises and etudes, you could even schedule time every week when you specifically work on those.

Play the pieces or songs you want to play

Play the music that you want to play, rather than the music you think you ‘have to’ play, if you are playing the piano. There are many ways to go about learning to play the piano, and tradition matters, but remember: you are playing for your own enjoyment and development! Play what you love!